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Sondra Roeuny, M.P.P.

Assistant Vice President Office of Assessment, Training and Technology

In 2003, after completing her first year of graduate studies at Harvard University, Ms. Roeuny secured a summer internship with Pacific's Vice President of Business & Finance, Patrick D. Cavanaugh. Under his leadership, she assisted the division with the development of a strategic planning model and performance management system for operational tracking and analysis. In 2005, Ms. Roeuny returned to Pacific as the Director of Performance Management and Reporting and in 2007 and 2011, her responsibilities expanded to include assessment, training, and technology functional areas.

Other key responsibilities include: develop and administer the division's business assessment system and program review process to assess and continuously improve organizational performance; direct and manage the division's technology resources, services, and projects to ensure technology is leveraged in the most efficient and effective manner to meet business needs; provide leadership to and oversight of the staff training function to develop and cultivate the human capital talent needed to achieve the University's vision. 
Sondra Roeuny