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Finance Center Conference Room Reservation

The Finance Center has a conference room located on the second floor with audio and video capabilities.  To determine whether the Finance Center Conference Room is available, use the calendar option in Microsoft Outlook.  

  1. Select the new meeting request option under the "action" tab. 
  2. Type in STK Finance Center Conference Room and change the date and time information. 
  3. Then select scheduling at the top of the page and the next screen will show whether the room is available or not.  If available, simply include STK Finance Center Conference Room as one of your invitees when sending invitations to the meeting. 

The invitation will be accepted or denied by the administrative staff of the Vice President's Office and you will receive a confirmation or denial.  Should you encounter any difficulties in reserving the Finance Center Conference Room, the administrative staff of the Vice President's Office is available to assist you at (209) 946-2345.