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Priscilla Meckley-Archuleta

Director, Capital Planning & Space Management



Phone: 209.946.2319
Fax: 209.946.2203
Email: pmeckley@pacific.edu




At Pacific Since

B.S. Architecture, Pennsylvania State University, 1982
B.S. Man-Environment Relations - Facilities Planning, Programming and Management, Pennsylvania State University, 1982 

LEED Green Associate, 2013

Ms. Meckley-Archuleta has been engaged with capital program and project management for more than 25 years managing complex projects and programs in the design and construction industry.  She has been in team leadership roles on three multi-billion dollar capital programs at educational institutions.  Ms. Meckley-Archuleta has worked in executive administration staff roles, as an independent consultant, in a small internationally-known specialty design-build company and at a medium-sized award-winning architectural firm.  Her focus has been on educational building projects and programs since 1994; and she has been on staff at Colorado State University - Pueblo, University of Minnesota, and Los Angeles Community College District.  Prior to joining Pacific, Ms. Meckley-Archuleta was program Director for the Long Beach Unified School District's $1.2 billion Measure K bond program. 

Key Areas of Responsibility
As Director of Capital Planning & Space Management, Ms. Meckley-Archuleta is responsible for capital planning and project management.  She oversees the development and maintenance of the space inventory, and space management standards and utilization.

Awards and Special Recognition
Outstanding Service Award - University of Minnesota - Facilities Management, 2003
Premier Choice Award - University of Minnesota - Facilities Management, 2001 For work as Executive Producer on a short documentary film entitled "Just About A Billion Dollars of Construction".
Premier Choice Award - University of Minnesota - Facilities Management, 2000 For work facilitating partnering program with Department of Environmental Health and Safety and Facilities Management staff at the University
Exhibit of the Year Award - AZA, 1994 For Jungle Trails Project at the Cincinnati Zoo
Exhibit of the Year Award - CAZPA, 1992 For Cavern/Bear Mountain Project at the Granby Zoo in Granby, Canada
Exhibit of the Year Award and AIA Orchid Award (San Diego Chapter) - AZA and AIA (San Diego Chapter), 1989 For Tiger River Project at San Diego Zoo
AZA Exhibit of the Year Award, Education Program of the Year Award and AIA Orchid Award (San Diego Chapter) - AZA and AIA (San Diego Chapter), 1987 For African Kopje Project at the San Diego Zoo

Professional Memberships
Association of Zoos and Aquariums, 1985-present
Project Management Institute, 2011-present
Society of College and University Planning, 2012-present
United States Green Building Council, 2012-present
American Institue of Architets (Associate Member), Inactive
American Planning Association, Inactive
Environmental Design Research Association, Inactive