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Physical Plant: Locks and Keys

Requesting Keys

Complete a FAMIS request.  Include the name and 988# of the person obtaining a key.
Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for requests to be processed.  At the beginning of the academic year when accommodating new students, faculty and staff, requests may take longer.

Submit a Request

Recieve and Turn In Keys

  • Once a key has been cut, an e-mail is sent to the requestor. 
  • To pick up the key, the person the key is assigned to must bring a picture ID to the main office at Physical Plant and sign the key out. 
  • From that point forward, the assignee or their department is responsible and liable for that key until it is returned to Physical Plant.
  • To return a key, the person assigned the key must take it to Physical Plant and sign it back in.

Lost Keys & Lock-outs

Please be advised that having a new key made may incur a charge.
- If locked out of your room: contact your RA or Public Safety at (209)946-2537
- If you have lost or broken your key:  contact Housing to request a new key.

Staff and Faculty
- If locked out: Contact Public Safety at (209)946-2537.