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Under the leadership of Email Tom Congrave Tom Congrave, our skilled carpenters and fire technicians are charged with maintaining facility exterior and interior surfaces. Tasks assigned to them include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction of walls and partitions
  • Hanging and repair of doors and windows
  • Repair and maintenance of building roofs
  • Concrete and Masonry work
  • Cabinet and bookshelf construction
  • Drywall installation and repair
  • Installation and repair of ceilings
  • Trim and finish carpentry work
  • Installation and inspection of all fire suppression systems, extinguishers and emergency lighting
  • Creation and installation of campus signage
  • Upholstery
  • Hardware installation and maintenance

Any of the above tasks should be addressed through a FAMIS request. After receipt of your request, Structures will attend the issue in a timely manner. Students, please contact Housing with any of your needs.

Structures is available 24 hours a day for emergency repair of doors and windows and can be contacted through Support Services at 946-2541 during business hours and Public Safety at 946-2537 after hours.