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Begin Planning Now!

Pacific's retirement program helps faculty and staff build financial security through a generous plan and employee funded tax-deferred savings opportunities along with educational and planning resources to help you understand and make wise choices.

403(b) Group Retirement Annuity Plan (GRA)

Pacific's Group Retirement Annuity Plan is designed to make saving for your retirement years simple and convenient. When eligible, Pacific contributes 10% and you contribute 5% of your earnings. You are immediately vested so all contributions, including Pacific's  belongs to you. Your contribution is made on a pre-tax basis so you realize immediate tax savings. Pacific utilizes TIAA to help you reach your financial goals for retirement.

One year of eligible service with an institution of higher education during the 24-month period immediately preceding the date of service with the University may satisfy service requirements. You must be at least 21 years of age to participate.

403(b) Group Supplemental Retirement Plan (GSRA)

You can contribute additional pre-tax dollars to a supplemental plan. Regardless of age or years of service, all non-student employees are eligible to elect to participate in the Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity (GSRA). You may enroll any time and contribute up to 100% of your pay to a maximum of $18,000 for 2017. If you are age 50 or older at any time in 2017, you can also make an additional $6,000 catch-up contribution. A special 403(b) catch-up limit may apply to employees with 15 years of service. Contact TIAA directly to see if you qualify. Begin or change your deduction amount anytime during the year by visiting

You'll be able to go online to change the amount of your retirement plan contributions-at your convenience. You no longer need to submit a paper form. Just complete and electronically submit the salary deferral agreement.

Don't have an online account? Getting set up is easy. Visit Log in and then Register for access.

Making an after-tax contribution under the Roth Savings choice is another way to contribute to the GSRA plan. Review  more information  if this tax deferred option is right for you.

Begin now! Get started by scheduling an individual counseling session with a TIAA Financial Consultant, Log onto the TIAA website now or call 800.732.8353.

Schedule a session with TIAA:

For additional information and learning opportunities visit


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