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Active Shooter

What to do:

  • Secure the immediate area – whether classroom, bathroom, or office.
  • Treat the injured
  • Un-securing an area
  • The shooter will not stop until his objectives have been met, unless engaged by law enforcement
  • Consider the risk exposure created by opening the door
  • Attempts to rescue people should only be made if that can be done without further endangering the persons inside a secured area.
  • The shooter may bang on the door and yell for help to entice you to open the door
  • Remember the safety of the masses versus the safety of a few
  • If there is any doubt to the safety of the individuals inside the room, the area needs to remain secured
  • Doors, Windows, Openings, and Noise
  • If you find yourself in an open area, immediately seek protection
    • Put something between you and the shooter
    • Is escape your best option?
    • Do you know where the shooter is?
    • Is escape immediately available?
    • If in doubt find a safe area and secure it the best way you can