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Student Life Assessment

Assessment in Student Life supports the mission of the Division of Student Life by refining our delivery of "exceptional service and support to our students. Through innovative thinking and dynamic programs, each Student Life member focuses on all aspects of a student's personal growth and educational experience. 

Assesing our programs allows us to understand our impact on students as well as the quality of their learning. By understanding the quality of student learning from the co-curriculum we learn how we can improve our programs

We believe that effective assessment involves:

  • Continuous data gathering
  • Continual improvement
  • Is process centered
  • Is best approached strategically and systematically (Read more)
  • Supports integrated systems

Because of the distinctive environment of Pacific we have designed an open, educational and unifying assessment structure for Student Life. In order to plan our annual assessments and to assess student learning outcomes each Student Life department creates specific assessment projects related to the university-wide objectives and works on these projects cross departmentally to promote cohesiveness in the Division.

Cross-departmental teams include every department member who carries out the assessment work over the course of the academic year according to a general timeline . Thus each team can capitalize on its members’ diverse knowledge and skills. The associated Glossary assists in understanding terms used in our dynamic assessment process.