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About Institutional Research

Create and maintain an information rich environment by advancing knowledge about the entire institution.

The Institutional Research office serves the university by investigating the processes of higher education, providing analytical data management, meeting both internal and external information reporting needs, and supporting decision making.

The office strives to function with accuracy, objectivity, confidentiality, a holistic perspective, and knowledge of the profession.


IR Goal Objectives for 2015-16
1) Generate impactful research on university issues (30%).
  • Coordinate the production and dissemination of research reports
  • Communicate research results to campus leaders and stimulate discussion
  • Generate new research and modeling to support institutional planning and change
2) Support planning and decision making (25%).
  • Support the university strategic planning process and Pacific 2020 implementation
  • Oversee performance metrics and KPIs and monitor progress toward institutional goals
  • Serve as a decision making consultant to campus groups and leaders
3) Oversee the university analytical information environment to ensure a constant flow of information (25%).
  • Lead the development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of an analytics solution
  • Participate in data management processes to provide more data and cleaner data
  • Upgrade the IRIS web environment
4) Manage institutional surveys, benchmarking, and assessments (10%).
  • Maintain the peer system
  • Administer and present findings from national survey instruments
  • Provide survey services to support institutional assessments
5) Achieve excellence in the profession (10%).
  • Continue to expand skill sets
  • Be a national model for institutional research
  • Stay involved with national organizations and individuals