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Guide to the Pacific Insider

The Pacific insider is filled with the latest information about what's happening around the University. Use the guide below to familiarize yourself with the various sections of the Pacific Insider so you can make the most of our faculty and staff e-newsletter.

Pacific Insider1. Important Announcement

This section, used occasionally, features important information from the President, Provost or other University officials.

2. Feature Story

The Featured Story highlights an important, timely, or interesting story.

3. Highlighted Stories

Located under the Featured Story, these stories highlight what's happened at the University during the past several weeks.

4. Promotional Buttons

These buttons highlight announcement, events or other items. Noteworthy and Welcome to Pacific/Notable Changes buttons will alternate each week.

5. Human Resources & Staff Development

HR announcements, training opportunities and other employee-related items are found in this section.

6. Resources

Contact the editor with your story ideas and have easy access to important links.

7. Photo of the Week

Highlighting what's happened on and around campus from the past week. Clicking on the photo will take you to the Photo of the Week Gallery.

8. Events

Mark your calendar for events happening during the week and beyond.

9. Notices

Don't miss this section as it houses important information like office and parking lot closures, memos and reminders.