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Program Costs and Budget Sheets

Part of understanding college is understanding how much your program of study costs and how much you will pay once you have subtracted federal, state and University funding i.e. your financial aid package. The sheets below demonstrate how the budgets for the programs are constructed and also provide a simple worksheet to help you estimate your costs.

  • Regular Undergraduate Fall/Spring Traditional Programs
  • Alliance College Ready Teacher Residency
  • Aspire Urban Teacher Residence Program
  • Aspire Urban Teacher Residence Program- Special Education
  • Batti (Bay Area Teacher Training Institute) MA Educational Leadership
  • Batti (Bay Area Teacher Training Institute) MA Teaching Concentration
  • Batti (Bay Area Teacher Training Institute) MA Teaching & Multiple Subject Concentration
  • Batti (Bay Area Teacher Training Institute)/2nd Year
  • Ed Pro 2
  • Ed Pro 2 Summer/Fall
  • Ed Pro 2 Summer/Fall/Spring
  • Data Analytics 1st Year Cohort
  • Data Analytics 1st Year Cohort (Sacramento)
  • Data Analytics 2nd Year Cohort
  • Dental Hygiene Spring- 2nd Year
  • Dental Hygiene- 2nd Year
  • Dental Hygiene- 3rd Year
  • Doctor of Audiology Cohort 1
  • Doctor of Audiology Cohort 2
  • Food Studies
  • Grad & Teaching Credential Students
  • Master of Intercultural Arts (MAIR) Year
  • MAIR Spring 2017
  • Organizational Behavior Group 17- 2nd Year
  • Organizational Behavior Group 18 and 19- 1st Year
  • Organizational Behavior Group 20- 1st Year Spring 2017
  • Professional Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Rotations
  • Physical Therapy 1st Year
  • Physical Therapy 2nd Year
  • Physician Assistant Program 1st Year Cohort 1 (Sacramento)
  • Project Fortune 
  • SJCOE (MA in Special Education)
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Teach for America Education Specialist Credential
  • Teach for America Multiple Subject Credential
  • Teach for America Single Subject Credential 
  • Teachers College


The Office of Student Accounts offers interactive Undergraduate, Pharmacy, Graduate and Physical Therapy »Calculation Worksheets to assist you in calculating your direct costs to the University.