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Rotary International District 5220 Scholarship

advertisement  District 5220 Scholarship Application

District 5220 of Rotary International is currently seeking qualified candidates for its District Scholar program for students planning to do graduate work during the 2017-18 school year.  The application deadline is Friday, January 6, 2017.

District 5220 covers the area from Madera in the South, to Galt in the North, from Tracy in the West, to Yosemite in the East. The District Scholar application process is open to current college seniors and graduate students who meet one of the following three criteria:  

•   Students attending a university within District 5220

•   Students whose permanent address is within District 5220 but attending a university outside District 5220 (including internationally)

•   Students from another country sponsored by a club in District 5220 but attending a university within District 5220  

Students can come from any subject discipline; however, preference will be given to those study areas which focus on affecting a large number of individuals and which fit into one of The Rotary Foundation's Areas of Focus -

1) Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution,

2) Disease Prevention and Treatment,

3) Water and Sanitation,

4) Maternal and Child Health,

5) Basic Education and Literacy, and

6) Economic and Community Development.  

There will be one successful candidate chosen by the District 5220 Scholarship Committee and they will receive a $15,000 scholarship, a sum which is then eligible for matching funds through a $15,000 Global Grant from The Rotary Foundation, if criteria for a Global Scholar are met (only if the successful candidate will be studying internationally) - see  

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