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Office of Information Technology
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IT Security Office - Services

Security Services

There is an increased reliance on digital information and the technologies that support it in virtually every aspect of the educational, research, and administrative processes of higher education, which has brought with it an increasing level of responsibility to protect these information assets from accidental or malicious exposure or damage. On top of this are new initiatives for security in Grant environments, Federal Regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA that all have required much more stringent guidelines for security.

Often, the number of assets potentially at risk outweighs the resources available to manage them. It is therefore extremely important to know where to apply available resources to mitigate risk in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The ITSO provides the following security services the Pacific community:

SSL Certificates

The ITSO offers SSL certificate management and procurement services for University systems and applications, at no cost to the respective department/unit.  System and Application Administrators interested in obtaining an SSL certificate for their service need only contact the ITSO to request the subission form and authentication information.

Firewall Assessment

A Firewall Assessment is the review and analysis of firewall configuration and access rules.

Network Firewall Port Open Requests

  1. Network Firewall Port Open Request Form may be obtained from the CSC, your TSP representative, the IT Security Office (ITSO), or downloaded here: Network Firewall Port Open Request (Word or PDF)
  2. Requester completes the Requester Data section
  3. With the assistance of your Technical Support Provider (TSP) or the Customer Support Center (CSC), complete the Port Open Request Detail section
  4. Send (electronically or hard copy) the completed and signed document to your TSP or the CSC
  5. TSP/CSC will create the service request ticket and will attach an electronic copy of the Network Firewall Port Open Request Form to the ticket
  6. The TSP/CSC assigns the request to the ITSO
  7. ITSO will review the request and conduct a security review of the related system prior to authorization.  Note: All discovered vulnerabilities must be addressed by requester or their TSP prior to ITSO authorization
  8. All port open requests will be processed in accordance with the OIT Change Control maintenance windows

Approximate Request Time-line

Typically requests take one business week to process and implement from the time the CSC enters the service request to when the firewall port(s) are modified.  Actual implementation times may vary depending on, but not limited to, identified risks and remediation, OIT maintenance windows, and University change freeze periods (i.e. registration week, finals week, commencement, etc.).

Security Review

A Security Review is a process that includes asset identification and classification, vulnerability and threat identification, and controls safeguarding electronic resources and information assets

Vulnerability Assessment

A Vulnerability Assessment is the process of evaluating a system or network for common vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

For more information or to request these services, please contact the IT Security Office at IT Security or at 209.946.7740.