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Strategic Investment Fund:

FY 2016 Strategic Investment Funding for
Strategic Educational Excellence Development (SEED)

In FY 2016, the Strategic Planning Committee will make recommendations again for Strategic Educational Excellence Development (SEED) grants.  Like last year, the Committee will review any proposal that aligns with Pacific 2020.  However, priority will be given to proposals that align with the theme of the new Academic Plan: Crossing Boundaries.

To view examples of the kinds of specific projects that would align with this topic, click here>>

Currently, a total of $671,400 is available for grantsUp to $100,000 can be awarded to a single proposal.  

Individuals or teams interested in submitting a proposal for SEED funding should first submit an Intent Form with approval from the department chair or director and then the Dean/Director and Vice President. The abstract section of the Intent Form should briefly capture the purpose of the project, make a compelling case for its relevance, and demonstrate how the project "crosses boundaries" in ways that enhance the university and/or student learning. In order to allow time for review, intent forms should be submitted to the Vice President's office no later than October 16, 2015. It is not necessary to include a pro forma budget at this time.

After the Intent Form has been approved by the Dean/Director and Vice President, it should be forwarded to the University Planning Office, Knoles Hall, Room 311 (or via email to kmiller@pacific.edu) by November 2, 2015, for a brief review by SPC. SPC will respond with suggestions, which may include narrowing or broadening the project, or perhaps collaborating on a similar project proposal. SPC will also suggest whether or not the proposal is a good fit for SEED funding. Individuals or teams that have submitted the Intent Form may use the feedback from SPC to determine whether or not they should move forward with a full proposal.  SPC will respond to the Intent Forms by November 23, 2015. At that time, in its response to the Intent Form, SPC will include the proposal description and budget form for the full proposal.  We are including the criteria for the proposal here in order to provide a sense of the work involved with submitting a proposal.

Full proposals should be submitted to the planning office (see above) by February 1, 2016.  SPC will review proposals during February and make funding recommendations to the President by March 1, 2016.

Proposers should note that the funding for SEED grants is one-time money. Individuals and teams might want to use this funding pool for pilots they have wanted to test, but have not had the resources to do so. Although SIF funds are one-time only, some highly successful projects may be worthy of consideration for base (permanent) funding through the IPC proposal process.

Proposers should also note that SEED funding cannot be used for hiring permanent staff or faculty positions. Teams or individuals that receive funding will be required to submit an interim report after the first year in order to demonstrate accountability to the project timelines and milestones.  eams will be responsible for periodic updates. At the conclusion of the project, awardees will present their project and the results at a university celebration of the SEED grants.

For information on applying for SIF capacity funds and funds for new or enhanced academic programs, please contact Associate Vice President for Planning Linda Buckley at 6-2787 or lbuckley@pacific.edu.


October 16, 2015: Intent forms due to Vice President's Office
November 2, 2015: Approved intent forms to University Planning Office for SPC review
November 23, 2015: SPC responds to applicant
February 1, 2016: Full proposals to the planning office
March 1, 2016: SPC funding recommendations to the President

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