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Strategic Investment Fund


University of the Pacific has established a Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) to allow us to invest in critical strategic efforts over the next few years.  The Strategic Investment Fund will help Pacific change with the times, without relying on steep tuition increases. The fund is and will be used for projects or initiatives that will lead to the accomplishment of Pacific 2020's four strategies: building our academic strength and reputation, pursuing new students in our three cities, preparing our students for success, and developing organizational capacity. Once accomplished, these strategies will enable the University to fulfill its 2020 vision of a transformative educational experience for all students.

Three Areas of Funding:

Academic Programs

Approximately seven million dollars ($7M) of the SIF will be targeted to support new or existing degree programs that can attract new students, enhance University of the Pacific's reputation for excellence, and increase net tuition revenues. SIF will cover part or all of the base costs (salaries, operations) or one-time costs (such as space renovation or equipment purchases) for strategic new programs or existing programs for up to three years. The SIF investments will end three years after initial approval because the increased tuition or other revenues generated by the program are expected to cover costs plus administrative overhead associated with the program. This allows the fund to be a rolling academic investment fund into the future.

Capacity Projects

Less than half of the SIF base funds are intended to be used for institutional capacity building targeted at six million dollars ($6M). Without significant improvements in some of Pacific's capabilities, our faculty and staff will be hampered in their strategic efforts. For example, the success of Pacific 2020 hinges on offering academic programs and effectively serving students at multiple sites, improving our students' academic and career success, building our University's reputation, having a robust technology infrastructure, and launching a strong campaign. While these areas (IT, marketing, etc.) are strategically important and support our academic programs and students, they represent "cost centers" of the University - i.e., they will not directly generate new operational revenues. Hence, once base funds from the SIF are allocated to these projects, they will not be replenished. 

Strategic Educational Excellence Development (SEED)

SEED grants of up to $50K (or $100K if interdisciplinary) will be available through an annual competitive process with a total of $500K of one-time funds allocated annually. Each year, the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) will release a request for proposals that focuses on a limited number of important strategic areas that would benefit from engagement by units across the University. Any unit, academic or administrative, can apply for the grant funds. The funds can be spent over a two-year period.


October 26, 2016: Completed preliminary proposal applications due to the University Planning Office for SPC review
November 29, 2016: SPC responds to applicant
January 25, 2017: Full proposals due to the Planning Office
March 7, 2017: SPC submits funding recommendations to the President

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