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January 10 2006

University of the Pacific
Agenda January 10, 2006
Library Community Room

Minutes: Review, revision, approval (12/13)


Reports and Current Agenda Items:

  • Standing Reports
  • FY07 Tuition Increase Recommendation & Budget Plan
  • Schedule for Budget Recommendations
  • University Plan 2008-2015, Call for Proposals
  • Discussion of UP Community Meetings

Continuing Issues:

Future Agenda Items:

  • 1/24 (Cabinet FY07 Budget Presentation, update on UP meetings)
  • 2/7 (Discussion of budget Recommendations, update on UP meetings)
  • 2/14 (Discussion of budget Recommendations, input to writing team on UP)
  • 2/28 (final budget recommendations to President, discussion UP drafting and formatting)
  • Other Items:
    • Student Transportation Need