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Update From the President

March 25, 2013

Dear faculty and staff,

We are beginning a yearlong conversation about how to fund our future. Last week the IPC and deans began work on a process that we will use next year to make reallocation decisions. You can see a draft of some initial concepts they are considering on Inside Pacific.

The process is likely to seem complicated, since so many groups will be involved, but the principles behind it are simple. Focusing on Our Future is about deciding what our priorities are as a University, and making our resources match up. We need to ensure that all our programs are of the highest quality, that we are good stewards of our students' tuition, and that we are not diluting our efforts by trying to be everything to everyone. By aligning our resources with our priorities, we will increase the University's reputation and value to current and prospective students.

As you look over the draft process posted on Inside Pacific, keep in mind that it represents only our preliminary thinking. It will change. The IPC and deans will release their recommendation at the end of March, you will have a chance to give feedback in April, and I will release the final process on May 1. We will start going through the reallocation process next fall, but no final decisions will be made until April 2014.

I thank the IPC and deans for the hard work they will do to develop a fair, smart and efficient process for us to implement next year. I also thank the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) whose members have begun to work on a program prioritization process, which will be a key part of the overall reallocation process. Finally, I thank all our faculty and staff for their engagement in these important discussions, and their deep commitment to our students.

Warm regards,
Pam Eibeck