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 Name (click to email)  Title Office Phone
Email Maria Pallavicini
Provost 209.946.2552
Email Jared Gaynor Chief of Staff to the Provost 209.946.2553
Email Victoria Oliva Executive Assistant to the Provost and Office Manager 209.946.2552
email J. Michael Thompson Vice Provost for Enrollment Management 209.946.3222
Email Cyd Jenefsky Vice Provost for Strategy and
Educational Effectiveness
email Vernon Smith Vice Provost for Distributed Learning 209.946.7685
Email Berit Gundersen Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs 209.946.3158
 Jim Uchizono Associate Provost for Research 209.946.2396
Email Lou Matz Assistant Provost for Student
Academic Support and Retention
Email Carrie Darnall Assistant Provost for Resource Management 209.946.2801
Email Christopher Goff Assistant Provost for Diversity 209.946.2036
mail Sandy Evans Project Manager 209.946.2450
 Ann Rose Project Support Specialist 209.932.3005
Email Ava Hammond Project Support Specialist 209.946.2099
Email Erika Greet Administrative Assistant 209.932.3277
Email Katie Van Winkle
Administrative Assistant 209.946.2551
email Kris Block Academic Budget Analyst 209.932.2998
email Jennifer Ramirez Academic Budget Analyst 209.946.7436

For a detailed list of the academic leadership responsible for other academic and administrative functions, including the deans and the associate/assistant provosts, please see the Provost Leadership Council which reports to the Provost.