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Executive Board Members

The Presidency of the Executive Board will rotate monthly
Secretary: Ken Beauchamp
Treasurer: Roseann Hannon

Members of the Executive Board
The following is a complete list of executive board members, showing members' special responsibilities. You may click on the name to send an email.

Name: Title:
Ken Beauchamp    Secretary. Compensation Committee Representative
Judy Chambers    Vice President.  Luncheon Coordinator
Roy Child    Outreach Projects
Roland di Franco    Academic Council Representative
Roseann Hannon    Treasurer
Dale McNeal    Photo Archive and Activities
Doris Meyer    Oral History Recorder
Glee Scully    Planning and Goals
Jed Scully    Planning and Goals
Mike Sharp    Editor, Cabbages and Kings
Reuben Smith    Outreach Projects
Bill Topp    Director of Communication
Walt Zimmermann    Listmaster