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Assessment Resources and Taskstream

Program Assessment & Taskstream

Here is a brief presentation on Improving Program Learning Outcomes, from Glen Roger's sessions in Spring 2017.

Taskstream is the University's reporting space for program assessment.
•  What you will need for program assessment and Taskstream (printable)
•  How to work in Taskstream

Here is a link to the implementation of the assessment of Program Learning Outcomes for each school/college (authentication required).

Articles by Pacific Faculty & Staff 

Assessment Workshop
On October 9, 2015, an Assessment workshop was held at Pacific. Facilitated by Laura Martin from UC Merced and David Chase of the American Film Institute, the workshop provided information on assessment for both Arts and Humanities, and Social and Natural Sciences. Handouts from the workshop can be found at:
Assessment Basics - General Session
Assessment Basics - Arts and Humanities
Assessment Basics - Social and Natural Sciences

Other Resources
Here are some general assessment resources, for use in developing and implementing academic assessment plans.
A Common Sense Approach to Assessment & Accreditation (blog by Linda Suskie)
Assessment Update (available from the Pacific library) is a bimonthly newsletter that covers the latest developments of assessment in higher education. The articles are brief and practical.
National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) aims to share ways that academic institutions can effectively use assessment data. NILOA provides reports, occasional papers, and assessment briefs
Braskamp, L. A. (2014). Guidelines for Judging the Effectiveness of Assessing Student Learning.These Guidelines are intended for use in planning, implementing, and/orjudging the benefits and contributions of campus-based assessment efforts

Assessment in Student Life
Assessment in the Division of Student Life supports the university's mission and the mission of Student Life by creating a culture and a landscape for meaningful student learning in our programs and services. The information that results from assessment informs our students, families and the public about the depth and relevance of the education we provide in the experienced curriculums of Student Life. We use the results of assessment to plan, establish purpose and priorities, and revise for improvement at the division and program levels. In Student Life our integrative approach to assessment is informed by social, historical, theoretical, and practical lenses.

 In order to plan our annual assessments and to assess student learning outcomes each Student Life department creates specific assessment projects related to the university-wide objectives and works on these projects cross departmentally to promote cohesiveness in the Division.

View the annual assessments in Student Life.

Getting help
If you have questions about designing and applying assessment to your programs, contact these resources here at Pacific:

Learning and Academic Assessment:
Glen Rogers, Director of Academic Assessment

Student Life:
Sandra Mahoney, Executive Director Planning & Assessment

University Assessment Committee Chair
Justin Low