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Learning and Academic Assessment at Pacific

Learning and Academic Assessment supports the mission of the University of the Pacific by helping programs and faculty use assessment to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities.

The mission of Learning and Academic Assessment is to help academic units and faculty to design, conduct, and advocate for high-quality assessment and the conditions that support it, and to collaborate with other campus educators to assess and improve student learning outcomes and educational effectiveness.

Academic assessment is integral to curriculum and instruction and is within the realm of faculty and shared governance. The Director of Academic Assessment supports the faculty with resources and technical assistance.

Learning and Academic Assessment is part of the Office of the Provost and includes a Director and the Assessment Working Group.

View our Guide to Academic Assessment.

The University conducts regular assessment of each academic, academic support, and non-academic program, in order to:

  • Ensure that University activities are aligned with institutional mission and goals
  • Ensure that academic programs are of highest quality and that student learning is sustained at high levels
  • Serve the goal of continuous institutional improvement
  • Provide data for resource management and decision-making
  • Satisfy the requirements of accreditation

The University's program planning procedures have currently been redesigned and approved. All programs, departments, and offices of the University, both academic and administrative, are required to submit brief annual reports and conduct a periodic self study. The Program Planning Guide is available online via this link.

The Provost's Office is currently offering funds for faculty to travel to assessment-related conferences and training. Priority is given to faculty who will present their assessment-related work and who are willing to share their work with their colleagues at Pacific. Click here for the Request for Funding.

Contact Learning and Academic Assessment:
email Eileen McFall, Director