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Assessment Working Group

The Assessment Working Group (AWG) was established Spring 2010. The AWG is convened by an administrator, with representation from the schools, the library, the Director of Learning and Academic Assessment, the Director of General Education, the Director of Writing in the Disciplines, and the Director of Assessment for Student Life. The purpose of the AWG is to support and facilitate a professional development approach to building a culture of assessment. The goal of the Assessment Working Group is to provide leadership that enables programs to move along a continuum of expertise so that their programs demonstrate "highly developed" outcomes assessment consistent with WASC Educational Effectiveness Rubrics. The main work of the Assessment Working Group since its formation has been to promote communication about assessment progress and practices among schools and units, to broaden and deepen organizational learning about Pacific's professional-development approach to assessment, to bring specificity and clarity to assessment of university learning objectives and outcomes, and to facilitate revision of General Education outcomes consistent with university learning objectives. 

Assessment Working Group Membership 2013-2014

  • Eric Boyce, Professor, Convener, Associate Dean, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Eileen Camfield, Interim Director, Writing Center
  • Cynthia Eakin, Associate Professor, Eberhardt School of Business
  • Daniel Ebbers, Associate Professor, Conservatory
  • Michael Elium, Associate Professor, Benerd School of Education
  • Shanna Eller, Sustainability Director
  • Gesine Gerhard, Associate Dean and Director of General Education, College of the Pacific
  • Berit Gundersen, Assistant Provost
  • Cyd Jenefsky, Consultant
  • Dorothy Landsberg, Associate Dean, McGeorge School of Law
  • Sandy Mahoney, Director of Assessment and Student Development Services
  • Eileen McFall, Director of Learning and Academic Assessment
  • Jon Schamber, Professor, Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness, College of the Pacific
  • Louise Stark, Professor, Associate Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Veronica Wells, Assistant Professor, Access/Music, Library