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Planning Terms

Alignment: linking strategies, goals, and objectives vertically from the University to the unit level and horizontally across units

Annual Reports: yearly documents that describe a unit's work and achievement of strategies, goals and objectives

Goals: specific activities related to each strategy; while reviewed annually, goals are generally 2-3 year initiatives

Mission: the fundamental reason for an organization's existence; its purpose; what the organization is here to do

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): a system of defining and tracking the institution's most important performance metrics

Key Strategic Indicators (KSIs): performance indicators tied to strategies and goals of a strategic plan or effort

Objectives: discreet measurable tasks based upon established goals

Outcome Metrics: Outcomes are the result of the work and metrics are a method of measuring outcomes

Strategies: directions used to achieve a vision; overall, highest-order goals of Pacific 2020 that should remain relatively stable through the seven year planning period

Tasks: projects that support objectives, goals and strategies

Unit Plan: demonstrate how the unit level goals and objectives are aligned to the University's Strategic Plan and include the unit's goals and objectives that will be used to support University strategies

Vision: an image of an organization's desired future, articulated in a concise statement

Values: broadly shared beliefs and principles that guide an organization