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Action Plan

Within 2 weeks of the site visit, the External Reviewers present a report to the SEE office, Program Chair, Dean and Provost containing their commendations and recommendations for the program.

The academic unit drafts an Action Plan responding to each recommendation in the External Reviewers' report. The Action Plan template can be found here. The Action Plan:

  • Quotes each recommendation from the external review report
  • Provides concrete responses to each recommendation
  • Briefly specifies action(s) the program/department will take
  • Specifies who will be responsible for implementing each action and when the action will start and complete.
  • Identifies the measures that will indicate whether an action has been successful.
  • If the unit does not propose to take an action, it should explain the reasons why it is not doing so.
  • The unit may provide a brief introduction or overview for the action plan and should briefly summarize any additional actions it intends to take as a result of the program review that are not responses to specific recommendations from the reviewers, cite supporting evidence and rationale for each action item.

Once drafted, the program Chair meets with the Dean and Provost to discuss proposed responses.  The final action plan must be approved by the Dean and Provost. Budget allocations proposed by the academic unit must be reviewed and approved by the Dean and the Provost. Once approved, the Action Plan is forwarded to SEE.  SEE sends the Action Plan to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) as that committee's charge includes review of action plans and mid-cycle program reviews.  Mid-cycle progress reports will be reviewed by the IEC approximately 3 years after the Program Review.

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