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1.1.1 Mission Statement, Values and Aspirations

Adopted by the Board of Regents on April 27, 2007

The University of the Pacific has a long tradition of innovation and educational excellence.

Pacific is unique in higher education given our wide range of high quality programs and varied disciplines across nine colleges and schools in a smaller, more personal environment. The distinctive learning opportunities that this provides will form a base on which we grow our reputation.

To aid this, the University continually engages in dynamic planning and periodically generates a document to reaffirm the mission, refresh the vision, and map out strategic directions. This document reflects the shared work of the University community and articulates our mission, core values, aspirations, and commitments. We, the Pacific community, believe that this vision will create a harmony of purpose for all University members and guide our collective efforts.

Mission Statement

The University of the Pacific’s mission is to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities.

1.1.1.a Core Values
1.1.1.b Foundations
1.1.1.c Aspirations