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10.6.1 Order of Pacific

Approved by Academic Council on February 8, 2001; President Spring 2001; revised April 17, 2014

This award was established by the Board of Regents in 1952. It is the highest award the University can give. It is intended to honor members of the University regents, faculty, administration and staff who have given distinguished service and made outstanding contributions to the University over a significant number of years. It is awarded to express the University's esteem and appreciation for the recipient's dedication to the University.

Within each person's area of responsibility, individual recipients shall have made contributions which significantly extend beyond the expectations of the person's position and have the impact of enriching the life of the University. The award recognizes an individual's career of achievements and is awarded at the termination of a person's direct connection to the University. To be considered for this award nominees normally have a minimum of 15 years of service to the University. Awards may be given posthumously.

The University Awards Committee reviews the nominations and submits its recommendation to the President. The President and the Academic Affairs Committee of the Regents must approve the awards. Awards are made at University Commencement.