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11.14.3 Repetition of a Course/Grade Replacement Policy

Approved by Academic Council on March 11, 1999, revised January 28, 2016, revised April 14, 2016

In order to repeat a course at the undergraduate or first professional level, students must have received a C- or lower the first time the class was taken. Once a course is completed (with a grade of C or higher) the student may not repeat any prerequisites for that course. The grading option, when repeating a course, must be the same as the one used originally. Any given course can be repeated one time only. Fundamental Skills courses are exempt from the one time repeat rule.

  Students must have both a 2.00 cumulative Pacific GPA and a 2.00 major/minor/program Pacific GPA to graduate. Prior to Fall Semester 2015, the grades received for courses repeated were averaged. Beginning Fall Semester 2015, the best institutional grade attempted when repeating a course is used to calculate the cumulative Pacific GPA and the major/minor/program GPA. Both the initial and subsequent repeat grade will remain on the academic record.   Students may exercise their grade replacement rights up to a maximum of three times while enrolled in undergraduate and first professional degree programs at Pacific, with subsequent repeated courses being grade averaged Basic skills are exempt from the three times rule.