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11.28.4 Personnel and Salary Policies

(edit note - NOT Approved by Academic Council, April 26, 2001)

A full teaching load per instructor will average about a unit per week up to seven units in a five week session and four units in a four week session. No faculty member may teach more than a full load or be paid for more without the specific approval of the dean of the unit and the Assistant/Associate Provost. Administrators with twelve-month appointments may not receive additional compensation for summer session work without the approval of the Provost. Summer Session salaries per credit by academic rank will be approved by the Provost and the Vice President for Finance upon the recommendation of the Summer Sessions Advisory Board. Approved salaries for the current year will be included in the Summer Sessions Policy Guidelines. A faculty member will receive the salary indicated on his/her contract with the following exceptions: Courses with less than the minimum enrollment by the third day are subject to cancellation. The faculty member will not receive compensation for the canceled course unless an appropriate alternative assignment is available and approved by the dean of the college or school and the Assistant/Associate Provost. With the approval of the Assistant/Associate Provost, faculty salaries will be prorated for the course approved to be taught with less than minimum enrollments.

Independent Study instructors’ salaries will be determined by the above process. Enrollment for thesis, dissertation, or research credit is not to be construed as Independent Study and does not produce additional salary for the instructor.

Neither a faculty member who is already teaching a full load nor an administrator on a twelve-month contract may receive compensation for Independent Study, nor may the total salary of any combination of course teaching or Independent Study exceed full course load compensation without the specific approval of the Office of Summer Sessions and the Provost.