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12.6.10 Continuing registration students

Students on Continuing Registration, which are those enrolled in good standing in a degree program, but not registered for degree-credit coursework, will be considered half time for purposes of "progress toward degree" as required by some student loan and other agencies. Students who are on Continuing Registration, but working full-time on their thesis or dissertation may petition for full-time status to the Graduate School if approved and documented by the advisor.

Continuing Registration (CR) students will be charged a CR fee of $25 for the first semester, and each consecutive semester fee doubles, to a maximum of $400 per semester. If coursework is completed in a regular school term or in a summer session, the fee returns to $25 for the next semester. Students who do not pay the CR fee are considered to have withdrawn from the program and must complete the reinstatement process to be eligible to continue in the degree program or receive a graduate degree.