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2.1.3 Provost

The provost is the chief academic officer of the University and represents academic interests to the president and the Board of Regents. He/she provides leadership to the University faculty and to the deans in advancing the quality of all undergraduate, professional and graduate programs. He/she is responsible for the following functions:

  1. Ensure, maintain and improve the quality and performance of the faculty through the appointment, evaluation and advancement of individual faculty members.
  2. Oversee the maintenance evaluation and improvement of all academic programs.
  3. Oversee academic support services, such as libraries and educational technology, and other academic facilities.
  4. Oversee enrollment services to recruit and retain a diverse student body of high quality.
  5. Promote and support faculty development, scholarship and research.
  6. Coordinate academic planning and the preparation of annual budgets in relation to planning.
  7. Chair the Council of Deans and provide general supervision, advice, and support to the deans.
  8. Coordinate all academic policy-making and implementation.
  9. Maintain student academic records and active institutional research.
  10. Provide oversight for academic and instructional support budgets.
  11. Facilitate and ensure the effectiveness of faculty governance.
  12. Act on behalf of the President at times so instructed by the President.