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2.1.10 The Faculty

The authority and obligations of the faculty are delegated to them by the Board through the President.

Members of the University faculty are appointed by the President, acting on authority of the Board of Regents.

The contractual appointment of the faculty carries with it certain implied assurances by the board that it will maintain an educational and decision making environment that is conducive to the effective discharge of the faculty's professional, scholarly, and educational responsibilities.

The faculty are responsible for the following functions:

  1. Design and conduct educational programs and courses of instruction in accordance with the policies of the University
  2. With the administration actively participate in the comprehensive planning for the development and quality improvement of the educational programs and courses of study, assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of such programs and courses, and to make recommendations to the Deans and Provost concerning the educational mission, programs, and policies of the University
  3. Recommend educational policies and degree requirements which effectively carry out the mission of the University, within the policies of the University
  4. Set student admissions standards, evaluate student admissions procedures, assess student academic progress, and recommend student candidates for earned degrees. Assist the President in evaluating candidates for honorary degrees
  5. Participate in the selection, evaluation, and advancement of faculty and academic administrators
  6. Actively participate in review of educational programs, educational policies, and academic support programs and make recommendations to the Deans and Provost concerning the improvement or continuation of such programs
  7. Contribute to the advancement of knowledge through open inquiry, creative activity and research

The faculty is authorized to create its governance organization insuring the representation of all faculty for carrying out its functions, in consultation with and subject to the approval of the provost and president. This organization is the Academic Council.

The faculty may consider any matter touching the effectiveness and quality of the educational program or the professional welfare of the faculty and may make recommendations to the president, provost, or academic deans concerning any policies, programs, or procedures which affect the educational program or faculty welfare.

Each school and college in the University may have a faculty of its own which shall consist of all members of the University faculty in the particular school or college.

Each such faculty shall function under the Dean, Council of Deans, Provost and President and be subject to the policies of the University faculty.

Each school or college faculty should, in consultation and subject to the approval of the Provost, adopt by-laws and rules concerning its own organization, governance, and procedures.