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3.7.1 Policy on Administrative Relocation of Academic Units

Approved February 14, 2013 by Academic Council, March 4, 2013 by the Provost

Restructuring of academic units includes, but is not limited to: moving one School into another School or The College, moving The College into another School, removal of a dean position, or combining academic departments (this policy does not cover departmental decisions that are wholly internal to The College or a School).  Because these administrative changes have great potential to affect faculty working conditions, thoughtful discussion and consultation with faculty leadership must take place before such a proposal is made by the administration.

After consulting with faculty leadership (Including but not limited to the Chair and the Executive Board of Academic Council), the Provost may propose an administrative relocation of academic units, to be considered by a Special Review Committee.  The membership of the Special Review Committee will include deans selected by the Provost as well as faculty members selected by the Academic Council.  Faculty will constitute at least half of the committee.  The Council will select faculty members from the affected units, the Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies, and/or the Academic Affairs Committee on Graduate Studies, depending on the units under review. The Special Review Committee shall be chaired by the Dean of the affected Academic Unit.  The Special Review Committee will issue a report and recommendation, which will be submitted jointly to the Provost and to the Academic Council.  If the Provost chooses to follow the recommendations of the report, then no further action is needed.  If the Provost chooses not to follow the recommendations of the report, he or she will state in writing the reasons for not doing so, and this statement will be appended to the report of the Special Review Committee.  The report and its appendices will then go to the President, who will make the final decision.

The Administrative relocation shall not affect contractual relationships that the University has with individual faculty.