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4.2.5 Assistant Provost for Faculty Development & Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Approved by Provost

The Assistant Provost, Director of CTL reports directly to the Provost.

The purpose of the Assistant Provost is to promote high quality teaching, productivity in research and creative endeavors, and faculty satisfaction through the delivery of faculty development programs.

This position oversees the development and implementation of faculty development programs. Responsibilities include:

  1. New faculty orientation program and luncheons
  2. The Center for Teaching and Learning
  3. Work with the Committee on Academic Planning and Development and oversight of teaching incentive awards and other grants

The Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, supports faculty in the development of effective teaching and assessment skills and strategies, resulting in enhanced opportunities for students to learn. Responsibilities include:

  1. Help faculty explore and develop innovative teaching strategies that are responsive to a diverse range of student learning styles, including the effective use of technology, interdisciplinary approaches, and application of learning theory.
  2. Develop and coordinate a range of teaching support services, including individual consultations, assistance with course design, seminars, and workshops focused on best practices in teaching and learning.
  3. Promote the scholarship of teaching, including activities such as student/faculty research, innovative teaching strategies, and disciplinary pedagogical scholarship.
  4. Cultivate an environment where faculty view student learning as a subject of inquiry and investigation, as well as an opportunity for real intellectual work.
  5. Assist faculty in planning effective strategies for student learning assessment and in using the results of assessment for teaching and program improvement.
  6. Provide leadership in representing the Center for Teaching and Learning to faculty, deans and relevant external constituencies.
  7. Manage the Center budget and seek external funding.