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Article 3 Authority and Responsibility of the Faculty

3.1. Basis for Faculty Authority The Faculty bases its authority and responsibility on the University of the Pacific Policy Statement on Governance approved by the Regents on September 12, 1996 and the policy on Basic Governance Principles adopted by the Faculty on November 30, 1999, and the Administration on November 30, 1999. Matters of faculty governance are also guided by the principles of governance found in the WASC standards, in the joint AGB/AAUP statements, The Joint Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities and The Role of the Faculty in Budgetary & Salary Matters, and in the AGB Statement on Institutional Governance.

Following the principles of shared governance, Faculty authority and responsibility can be divided into three general categories:

  1. the Faculty has primary authority and responsibility in matters relating directly to the initiation, development, and assessment of academic programs of the University
  2. the Faculty and the Administration have joint responsibility in University matters having an impact on the academic programs of the University
  3. the Faculty provides advice in other University matters. 

The following Articles describe these responsibilities.

3.2 Primary Faculty Responsibilities The Faculty, in cooperation with the Provost and Deans, has responsibility for the formulation of policies and procedures directly governing academic matters.

The Faculty has the responsibility to:

  • recommend the establishment or dissolution of degree programs
  • establish the curriculum, scholastic standards and policies for awarding of academic credit
  • establish procedures for the review of academic programs
  • establish admissions standards and evaluate student admissions procedures
  • establish testing programs for the assessment and placement of entering students
  • approve all candidates for earned degrees and recommend candidates for honorary degrees
  • establish student academic rights and responsibilities and policies and procedures for student discipline
  • establish the criteria and procedures for the awarding of student honors
  • determine effective methods for the expression of Faculty views on matters of educational policy and institutional concern
  • contribute to the advancement of knowledge through open inquiry, creative activity and research

3.3 Joint Responsibilities; Revised April 16, 2014 The Faculty and the Provost together with the Deans jointly make recommendations to the President regarding general University matters which have an impact on the academic programs of the University. The Chair of the Faculty, as the official representative of the Faculty to the Board of Regents, reports on Faculty matters to the Board. Subjects of joint responsibility shall be agreed upon by the Faculty and the Administration. Matters of joint responsibility include, but are not limited to, subjects specified below.

In the areas of University mission, planning and budget, the Faculty and Administration have the joint responsibility to:

  • establish and revise the strategic plan
  • formulate priorities and recommendations for the University budget
  • prepare reports for the accreditation of the University
  • establish or dissolve schools, colleges, departments, or independent learning centers
  • name academic departments
  • establish policies concerning diversity within the University community
  • establish the University calendar
  • establish policies concerning the library
  • establish policies concerning information technology
  • establish financial aid policies
  • determine the nature and extent of the athletic program
  • determine priorities for development and academic fund-raising
  • develop plans for facilities and expansion of the campus

In the areas of Faculty appointment and professional development, the Faculty and Administration have the joint responsibility to:

  • establish faculty responsibilities and prerogatives as stated in those sections of the University of the Pacific Faculty Handbook which shall constitute the contract between the Faculty and the University
  • establish policies for faculty compensation
  • establish policies for the search, appointment, evaluation, retention, promotion, and tenure of faculty
  • make recommendations for the appointment, retention, promotion, and tenure of faculty
  • establish policies for the Faculty Development Leave Program and its evaluation
  • establish faculty support programs promoting the quality of teaching, learning and scholarly/artistic endeavors and professional development
  • establish policies for conducting the search, appointment, evaluation and retention of University academic administrators
  • make recommendations for the appointment and retention of University academic administrators

3.4 Advisory Responsibilities The Faculty has a responsibility to advise members of the Administration and the Board of Regents concerning other University matters.