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Article 6 College or School Governance

6.1 Establishment of College or School Governance In accordance with the University of the Pacific Policy Statement on Governance, the Faculty of a college or school should, in consultation with the Provost and/or Dean, develop and adopt bylaws concerning its own organization, governance and procedures. The Voting Faculty within each college or school must approve the establishment and amendment of college or school bylaws.

6.2 Governance Requirements The Faculty governance system within each college or school must include the elements enumerated in Articles 6.2.1 to 6.2.6.

6.2.1 College or School Voting Faculty The bylaws shall describe those faculty of the college or school who are eligible to vote in faculty matters. Eligible voters must include the Voting Faculty within the college or school.

6.2.2 Form of College or School Governance The Voting Faculty within the college or school determines, by secret ballot, the form of faculty governance, e.g. a committee of the whole or governance by a representative body such as a faculty council.

6.2.3. Faculty Chair of a College or School Approved by Academic Council on May 10, 2001

The Faculty Chair is the official representative of the Faculty of a collegeor school to the Dean and the University Administration. The Chair has the authority to call regular or special faculty meetings of Voting Faculty to consider matters under the purview of faculty governance. The Chair will discharge other responsibilities assigned to the Chair in the bylaws of the unit. A Chair-Elect may discharge the responsibilities of the Chair in the Chair’s absence. The college or school bylaws shall include an annual electoral process for selecting a Voting Faculty member to be Faculty Chair of the college or school. This process should include procedures for nomination, election by secret ballot by a majority of those who participate in the election, and certification of the outcome of the vote.

A Voting Faculty may elect the Dean (or Associate/Assistant Dean) of the college or school to chair regular faculty meetings. In no case shall the Faculty Chair relinquish her/his responsibility to serve as spokesperson for the Faculty of the unit, or to call and preside over special faculty meetings, including meetings and/or ballots to reaffirm a dean as chairperson or regular faculty meetings.

6.2.4 Voting Procedures The bylaws shall include a procedure for determining quorums, approval procedures and the use of secret ballots.

6.2.5 Meeting Procedures The bylaws shall include a procedure for the conduct of faculty business at regular meetings of the governance body.

6.2.6 Agendas The bylaws shall include a mechanism to establish agendas and a procedure whereby faculty may place an issue for consideration on the agenda.