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5.2 Bylaws of the Faculty and the Academic Council

Approved by the Academic Council on September 8, 1999; Approved by the Provost on September 8, 1999; Approved by the Faculty on November 30, 1999; Approved by the President on March 6, 2000; Revised March 2004; Revised and approved by Academic Council and Administration on April 9, 2009

Article 1 Preamble
Article 2 The Faculty
Article 3 Authority and Responsibility of the Faculty
Article 4 Governance Structure
Article 5 The Academic Council
Article 6 College or School Governance
Article 7 Committees with Faculty Membership
Article 8 Process for Approval and Amendment of the Bylaws
Appendix 1 Table of Commonly Used Motions
Appendix 2 Faculty Committees
Appendix 3 Academic Council Calendars