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6.2 Faculty Committees

Approved by Academic Council

In accordance with Article 7.2 of the Bylaws of the Faculty and the Academic Council, the Council has established the following Faculty Committees.

6.2.1 Academic Affairs Committee (F,S)
6.2.2 Admissions and Financial Aid Committee (F, S)
6.2.3 Committee for Academic Planning and Development (CAPD) (F, S)
6.2.4 Committee on Graduate Studies (F,S)
6.2.5 Council on Teacher Education (F,S)
6.2.6 Experiential Learning Oversight Committee (ELOC) (F, S)
6.2.7 Faculty Compensation Committee (F,S)
6.2.8 Grievance Committee (F, U)
6.2.9 Faculty Research Committee (F,S)
6.2.10 General Education Committee (F,S)
6.2.11 Library Committee (F, S)
6.2.12 Professional Relations Committee (F, S)
6.2.13 Student Academic Grievance Board (F, S)
6.2.14 Student Faculty Advocate Board (F,S)
6.2.15 University Awards Committee (F,S)
6.2.16 International Programs and ServicesCommittee (F, S)
6.2.17 Technology in Education Committee (F, U)
6.2.18 University Diversity Curriculum Committee (F,U)