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6.2.17 Technology in Education Committee (F, U)

Approved by Academic Council on October 12, 2006; revised April, 16, 2014

This faculty committee has primary responsibility of providing recommendations to the Academic Council, the Information Strategy and Policy Committee (ISPC), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the participating academic units concerning the use of instructional technology and services to support teaching, to promote student learning, and advance scholarship and support research. The committee will serve as the faculty advisory board for Academic Technology Services (ATS) in carrying out the following responsibilities:

  • Recommend and prioritize project initiatives and activities pertaining to the advancement of teaching, learning, and scholarship using information technology
  • Continuously review the role of central computing related to teaching, learning and scholarship and, as appropriate, recommend policy, procedure, resource allocations and specific projects for consideration and approval
  • Regularly review the activities and evaluate the performance of Academic Technology Services
  • Serve as a communication conduit between ISC, OIT, The Academic Council, and the academic units for the purpose of keeping all parties informed of activities and needs
  • Serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas related to the use of technology for teaching, learning and scholarship
  • As appropriate, facilitate multi-unit partnerships both within and outside the realm of central computing
  • Grant awards for Technology-and-Education-Committee-related activities

The voting membership of the Technology in Education Committee (TEC) will be composed of nine full time faculty members representing (one each) the College, each of the seven professional schools, and the Library. Membership on the Committee will be nominated and elected by the academic units they represent. Academic Units are encouraged to have the Chairs of their “Technology Committees” serve as members on the TEC. In all cases, members on the TEC should be highly knowledgeable of the needs of the faculty whom they represent, relative to the technological needs important for the advancement of teaching, learning and scholarship. Members will be elected for staggered three year terms. The chair and chair-elect of the committee will be elected from faculty members on the TEC. The chair-elect will assume the office committee chair on June 1 and a new chair-elect elected each April – May. The Chair is a standing member of the Information Strategy and Policy Committee (ISPC). The Director of CTL, the Director of ATS, the Senior Associate Dean of the College will be non-voting, ex officio members. The Committee may also invite additional ex officio members who are knowledgeable in technological matters related to teaching, learning or scholarship within the academic units.