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6.2.18 University Diversity Curriculum Committee (F, U)

Approved by Academic Council on May 3, 2012

The University Diversity Curriculum Committee is responsible for the oversight of the University of the Pacific Diversity Course Requirement for undergraduates. This requirement serves as a key curricular component of the University's commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence, and it contributes to students' intercultural competencies and to an understanding of the complex connections among domestic diversity, globalism, and democracy. With a few exceptions, as stated in the University of the Pacific's General Catalog, the University requires that all students earning a bachelor's degree successfully complete at least one 3-unit officially designated diversity course. Courses approved for the diversity requirement are listed in the General Catalog.

The full text of the Diversity Course requirement can be found at: http://web.pacific.edu/Documents/provost/acrobat/DiversityCR.pdf.

The oversight functions of the University Diversity Curriculum Committee include:

• Upholding and revising, as necessary, the criteria and learning objectives for undergraduate diversity courses on the Stockton campus;
• Reviewing diversity course proposals and syllabi against learning objectives and criteria;
• Certifying proposals as approved diversity courses;
• Periodically reviewing all diversity courses and their syllabi to insure continued compliance;
• Decertifying those courses no longer suitable for inclusion as diversity courses;
• Maintaining  an accurate list of courses that are certified as meeting diversity course requirements;
• Provide support /mentoring  for faculty who are interested in teaching diversity courses;
• Planning and developing seminars or workshops on pedagogy and learning outcome assessment for faculty currently teaching approved diversity courses; and
• Developing and executing a course-embedded assessment for designated diversity courses, in consultation with the Director of Learning and Academic Assessment.

Membership of the University Diversity Curriculum Committee consists of five (5) voting members and one (1) non-voting member as follows:

• One (1) voting faculty representative from the Advisory Board of the Ethnic Studies Minor Program to be elected by the Board to a three year term;
• One (1) voting faculty representative from the Advisory Board of the Gender Studies Minor Program to be elected by the Board to a three year term;
• Three (3) voting faculty members to be elected by the Stockton campus, to three-year staggered terms: one of which shall be from COP, one from the library or a school on the Stockton campus other than COP, and one at-large faculty representative.
• The Assistant Provost for Diversity, who is a permanent, non-voting member.
• The Chair of the Committee shall be a faculty member selected by the voting members of the committee during March of each year.