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6.2.4 Committee on Graduate Studies (F, S)

Approved by Academic Council on April 27, 2000; revised April 16, 2014

The Committee on Graduate Studies is charged with ensuring the quality of graduate education on the Stockton Campus and with reviewing and making recommendations on all policies and practices affecting graduate education on the Stockton campus. The Committee approves new graduate courses and reviews graduate programs. The Committee recommends deletions and/or changes of graduate courses. All recommendations of the Committee are made to the Dean of Graduate Studies who is responsible for seeking final approval of such recommendations or for implementing them.

Committee Membership:

Voting members: Each school or college on the Stockton campus with one or more
graduate programs is represented by two faculty members. The College of the Pacific will have one representative from the Natural Sciences, one from the Behavioral/Social Sciences, and one from SIS. The faculty representatives are nominated and elected for three year staggered terms by the faculty of their school or college.

  • The Graduate Student Association shall elect one graduate student for a one year term.
  • The Dean of the Graduate School is an ex-officio non-voting member.

The Chair of the Committee is elected from the faculty members of the Committee.

To ensure that the entire University community as well as each school and college has access to all Committee business, the agenda will be placed on a list-serve. The program chairs of graduate programs will receive agendas, minutes and Committee documents through e-mail. The meetings of the Committee are open to members of the University community.

Implementation: At the end of the Spring semester all Committee members whose terms extend beyond Spring of the following year will resign. During the Spring semester, schools and colleges will each elect two faculty representatives to the Committee. One third of the members will each be given one, two and three year terms by a random selection process.