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6.2.6 Experiential Learning Oversight Committee (ELOC) (F, S)

Approved by Academic Council on March 9, 2000; revised April 16, 2014

The Experiential Learning Oversight Committee is responsible for oversight, review and approval of all experiential learning opportunities (ELOs) provided to meet the guaranteed experiential learning placements offered for all eligible students at the University.

Specific responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Approval of student participation and supervision guidelines established by each school or program
  • Review of the Program Checklist and description of academic component of each type of ELO submitted by a school or program
  • Advise the Career Resource Center on matters pertaining to experiential learning orientation and placement
  • Facilitate the process to adjudicate conflicts that may arise concerning program guidelines and descriptions

In addition, the Committee will be available to advise and assist units desiring to develop ELOs for their students.

The Committee will comprise three elected faculty from the College of the Pacific (one member each from to represent the Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences or SIS), one elected faculty from each of the other schools and colleges on the Stockton campus, a student member appointed by ASUOP, and the Director of the Career Resource Center as an ex-officio voting member.

The faculty members are to be elected for three year overlapping terms.

The Chair will be elected from among the faculty members of the Committee.

When deemed appropriate, the Committee may include ex-officio, non-voting members with special expertise in the field of experiential learning.

The Experiential Learning Oversight Committee will report to the Academic Affairs Committee and the Academic Council.