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6.3.6 Summer Sessions Advisory Board (J, S)

Approved (before 1980) by Academic Council, Administration on May 6, 2002

The Summer Sessions Advisory Board recommends policies for the summer sessions of the University of the Pacific. The Board reviews courses in cases in which conflicts cannot be otherwise resolved. (See Section 11.28 Summer Sessions)  The Board advises the Office of Summer Sessions on the planning and scheduling of classes. Through the Office of Summer Sessions, the Board advises the Provost and the Vice President for Business and Finance on fee schedules and faculty compensation for summer sessions.

The Advisory Board is composed of:

  • the Associate Provost for Professional and Continuing Education, who serves as Chair
  • the Deans of:

    • the College of the Pacific
    • Benerd School of Education
    • Eberhardt School of Business
    • Conservatory of Music
    • School of Engineering
    • Research and Graduate Studies
  • the University Registrar
  • the Chair of the Academic Council
  • the Chair of the Faculty Compensation Committee
  • the University Controller, who is an ex-officio member