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6.3.8 Academic Facilities Improvement Committee (J, S)

Approved by Academic Council and Vice President for Business and Finance on October 12, 2000

The University Facilities Improvement Committee is a joint administration faculty standing committee for the Stockton campus. The Committee recommends priorities for funding improvements of academic facilities and reviews requests for improvements valued at over $1000. The Committee submits is recommendations to the Registrar for action. The Committee maintains ongoing consultation with the University Facilities and the Office of the Provost. The Committee meets at least quarterly.

The Committee membership consists of three faculty, one of whom is a member of the University Facilities Committee, selected by the Academic Council for overlapping three year terms, one Academic Dean selected by the Provost for a two year term, two representatives of the Academic Technology Services (ATS), to represent computer and media services, selected by the Chief Information Officer for two year terms, a representative of the Physical Plant selected by the Vice President for Finance for a two year term and a student selected by ASUOP for a one year term.

The Registrar is an ex-officio non-voting member.

The Committee elects its own faculty chair.