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6.3.10 Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Approved by Academic Council and Administration on December 4, 2014; Revised March 10, 2015.

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) is responsible for establishing policies and practices to support program review for academic programs, co-curricular programs, and administrative units at the University of the Pacific. The IEC is divided into two sub-committees: one sub-committee chaired by a faculty member responsible for academic program review; the other sub-committee chaired by an administrative member responsible for administrative program review.  An action item must be passed by a quorum of five in each sub-committee.  The entire IEC shall be chaired by one faculty member (elected by and from the faculty membership of the committee) and a vice-chair appointed by the President.  The Chair will coordinate the convening of the entire IEC to share and discuss the results of academic and administrative program reviews.

Each sub-committee in IEC will also develop a recommended action plan for each program and assess the mid-cycle review to track progress, as well as to identify trends, potential synergies, and efficiencies across the University.  Draft action plans should be sent to the Provost/Dean/Chair for academic programs, and the President/VP for administrative programs.

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee will:

  1. Design, implement, and evaluate the program review guidelines and processes.  The academic sub-committee examines academic program review guidelines/processes and the administrative sub-committee examines administrative program review.
  2. Review annually the program review action plans and consider opportunities for collaboration across the University in order to improve efficiencies, synergies, and effectiveness.
  3. Review and assess progress on program action plans mid-way through the program review cycle.

The membership of the academic sub-committee in IEC will be: Five faculty members appointed by Academic Council for three year staggered terms from the following bodies/units: One from the College, a non-COP faculty member from the Stockton campus, one from Graduate Studies Committee, one from Dentistry, one from Law, the Vice Provost for Strategy and Educational Effectiveness, one undergraduate student appointed by ASUOP for one or two-year terms, and one staff member from Student Life.

The membership of the administrative sub-committee in IEC will be: Eight staff members: the AVP for Planning or President's designate, Business & Finance, Advancement, Student Life, Technology, Athletics, one from San Francisco, one from Sacramento, and one faculty member (appointed by Academic Council).