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7.1.5 Adjunct Appointments

Approved by Academic Council, Administration

An adjunct appointment is one which formally recognizes the services to the University of persons of high professional standing in the community who may have no other official ties to the University. Generally such an appointment will be made of individuals who have expressed willingness to assume some responsibilities relating to the training of graduate and professional students registered at the University. By reason of this formal appointment, they become eligible to serve on thesis and dissertation committees, attend departmental staff meetings, and have access to the library.

Adjunct appointments are made on an annual basis only with annual review and renewal. These appointments carry no commitment by the University of the Pacific for financial compensation or fringe benefits. From time to time persons with adjunct appointments may be invited to teach specific courses or assume administrative functions for which they are qualified, in which case they may be compensated.

Adjunct appointments are made by the Provost, or the Provost’s designee, on the recommendation of the dean and an appropriate faculty committee in the school or college in which the appointment is to be made. Academic rank of adjunct appointment should be consistent with unit guidelines for other academic appointments.