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7.2.1 Authorization to Recruit

Approved by Academic Council, Administration

Authorization to institute all faculty recruitment in the University of the Pacific is granted by the Provost or designee. No faculty position in the University of the Pacific may be filled without justification of student or program needs approved by the dean and the Provost.

The recruitment of faculty is undertaken by the members of the faculty in consultation with the dean of the school or college. The dean is responsible for assuring that the process of recruitment conforms to the procedures of this Handbook. Because the programs of each of the schools and colleges of the University depend upon one another, the recruitment process must be a cooperative one in which the needs of the entire University are considered.

The University of the Pacific has developed a Diversity Hiring Plan to aid in the diversification of its faculty in order to enhance the intellectual, cultural, and social fabric of its academic community. The University focuses energy and resources on the recruitment and employment of faculty who are both the best qualified available candidates and are from under-represented groups that are designated in the Diversity Hiring Plan as target recruitment goals. The current Faculty Diversity Hiring Plan is available from the Office of the Provost.