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7.2.2 Search Committee

Approved by Academic Council, Administration

The Dean forms a Search Committee in consultation with faculty for full time tenure-track positions. The Committee must involve students, undergraduate and/or graduate, depending on the nature of the position being filled, as well as faculty from other schools and colleges, when appropriate. The following are among the responsibilities of the Search Committee:

  1. Develop and publish a position description. This should be sent to the Assistant Provost for review.
  2. The position description must be advertised in the major professional journal or journals of the field in which the position is to be filled and other journals or methods of dissemination as appropriate to promote notification to under-represented groups designated in the Diversity Hiring Plan. Any position description must include a statement reflecting the University's policy of non- discrimination in employment. Nominations should be requested from appropriate graduate schools.
  3. The Search Committee must document the attempts to promote notification of the vacancy to potential applicants from under-represented groups designated in the Diversity Hiring Plan so that efforts to obtain applications from qualified individuals of such groups are made. The chair of the Search Committee must prepare a report for the appropriate dean in which those efforts are documented. This report must be submitted to the dean and the Office of the Provost before invitations to the campus can be authorized.
  4. The Committee must develop selection criteria and procedures for ranking and choosing from among qualified candidates in the applicant pool. Prompt responses should be sent to all candidates to inform them of their status.
  5. Confidential materials received for recruitment purposes must be maintained in a confidential manner until an appropriate time for destruction. For each search, all application materials must be retained for five years.