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7.6.2 Unit Salary Policy

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration

Each Academic unit will, in keeping with its mission, develop a policy for recommending annual adjustments to individual faculty salaries on a basis that is consistent with overall University guidelines. Unit faculty, deans, the Academic Council, and the Provost should work closely with each other at all stages in an attempt to reach mutually agreeable guidelines.

Within each academic unit the faculty and dean will develop a policy including criteria and procedures for recommending annual adjustment to individual faculty salaries on the basis of factors referred to in Section 7.6.1 and 7.6.3. The dean of each unit shall review the proposed policy and forward it along with recommendations to the Academic Council and the Provost. The Provost and the Council will review the proposal in terms of conformance with University guidelines, recommend approval or suggest changes, and forward all information to the President. Although all parties will attempt to reach mutually agreeable recommendations, separate recommendations and supporting information will be forwarded to the President if such agreement is not attained and the President will determine the policy.