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7.6.3 Annual Adjustments

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration

Annual adjustments to faculty salaries will take into account such factors as changes in the cost-of-living, merit, market considerations, and inappropriate wage differentials; furthermore, recommendations for adjustment of individual faculty salaries will reflect the results of annual reviews and other evaluations referred to in Sections 7.4, 7.5 and
7.5.5. Deans of the academic units will recommend individual salary adjustments to the Provost.

Once a recommendation has been approved, the dean or designate (such as the department chairperson) will write to the faculty member, stating the amount, basis and components of the recommended adjustment. The faculty member may request further clarification and reconsideration of the recommendation.

Normally, annual adjustments are added to base salary and are therefore taken into consideration when new salaries are proposed for the following year. Any component of a faculty member's compensation which is not part of base salary (such as stipends for department chairs, program directors, or other special assignments) should be clearly identified as such.