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7.7.1 Affiliation

Approved by Academic Council, Administration

A faculty member holding an appointment in one unit is said to have an affiliation with another unit when the faculty member's participation in a particular program is restricted, specialized, or temporary in nature. Affiliation should not be in place of joint appointment where the criteria for joint appointments are met.

A faculty member affiliated with a department or unit should be regularly informed of the schedule and agenda of meetings of that unit; should participate in the discussion of issues before that unit; and should be consulted on all matters before the unit directly affecting the faculty member's responsibilities in that unit. However, the faculty member should not be required to attend meetings regularly or to participate in the full range of administrative/governance functions of that unit.

The distribution of the faculty member's responsibilities in the two units may vary from year to year. The faculty member's salary shall be allocated to the two units in
proportion to the person's responsibilities in each unit each year.